HOPE has an on-site boutique that offers free professional clothing and personal shopping experiences to current students and graduates. Clothing is donated by individuals, community groups and corporate partners. The boutique serves as a simulated learning environment for students in our Retail & Beyond program.

For additional clothing resources,
we can make referrals to Dress for SuccessBottomless Closet, and That Suits You.


HOPE provides a limited number of Metrocards to students and graduates who do not have resources from other programs or sources. In addition, graduates are eligible for Metrocards as a reward for continuous employment.



HOPE provides on-site, daily breakfast and lunch to all students. Coffee and healthy snacks are also available throughout the day. Students in need of food assistance during the evenings and weekends can receive help in applying for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and receive referrals to food pantries for emergency needs.


For additional resources for housing, transportation, health and mental health, financial assistance and more, please visit

See a HOPE staff person for help navigating the site.